YEAR 2005 – We become the only Company dealing in GT Tyres, with a Big Showroom and Warehouses… which servicing GT Truck Tyres in whole Iraqi Market.

From everyday drivers to large businesses and competitive drivers, GT Radial tires consistently earn praise from its drivers. In conjunction with the company’s strong developments in core areas such as technology, marketing, and quality management, Giti Tire has received awards from a variety of partners. This not only provides a steady demand from automotive producers themselves, but also increases demand and brand recognition in replacement markets.

Our Purpose: To Make World-Class Tires
In 2013, Giti Tire added two new R&D centers in the Unites States and Germany to the existing three centers in China, Indonesia, and the United Kingdom to further improve R&D capabilities around the world. With a team of more than 600 experienced R&D engineers working closely throughout the five centers, Giticontinues to enhance brand competitiveness and brand position to become a market leader.

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